6 de agosto de 2012

"Enchanted Moments", mi resolución al CSI #30!

This is my LO for week 30 of the CSI Scrapbooking challenge! (30 weeks already!! wow... congratulations to the CSI ladies!)

The Journaling is hidden behind one of the photo frames... you have to pull from the black ribbon to reveal it :)
The page continues the story I started telling on Case 13, as I want it to go on the same album. That day, 14th January 2007 was Alana's first birthday in Patagonia. She was turning 8 and being in Trevelin for only a couple of weeks and during school break, she still didn't have any friends so we decided to give her and all of us actually a very special day together.
We did soooo many things that day, but this page tells how we finished it, treating all of us with a delicious icecream at an icecrem producer that is no longer in town (oh we miss them!). Those icecreams are DELICIOUS!... so creamy and tasty flavours... We came to the conclusion that we were no longer missing our favourite icecream shop from Santa Fe (our former town up north) which was something we never thought someone would top.
That's more or less what the journaling says.with a final line that reads "What an amazing start of our life in Pagatonia!"

 From the case:

 I used...

Metal (the heart brads)
4 patters
Add sprinkles (to the fabrick flowers)

Story about childhood
Distressed frame for journalling (I crackled all frames)

 I have only used the background paper from my paper stash... all the rest of the papers are from the beautiful set of printable coordinates that CSI teams designs each week to go with the case.

Let's see some closeups...
The bottom left corner with the icecream cups...
The title...

 The flowers, which were too dark so I toned them down with white chalk ink then sprinkled with glittered spray... Center is a small black brad...
 Bottom right corner, stamped and then painted informally with a black marker to place that little journaling on top, held by the heart metal brads...
 Pleaded paper ribbon on top of wider black lace and with a tiny little ribon on top as center
 Photo of the 2 sisters playing outside the icecream shop... we couldn't believe they still had any energies left after such an exhausting day with trecking up the mountain, rappel, a bit of climbing, bike rides...
The frames are all crackled... I added that little piece of journaling from the Coordinates which I loved.
 This is a photo of Ali eating her icecream... She's got personality, yes she does! A very unique young girl...
 Photo of the 2, outside the icecream shop... they used to love this photo frames :)
 Sweet child... that can't describe her better... she's such a sweet little girl... she was not even 3 at the time... I can't believe she's already 8! which was Ali's age at the time of these photos... Time flies!
And that's more or less it!
Hope you enjoyed it!
I really loved working on this LO... It was just perfect to continue with my story of that time. There are so many photos of that day that I would probably need several more cases to complete those albums :)
Till next post!


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