12 de febrero de 2012

CSI case 5: "The one with the ultrasound"


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  1. Hi Carolina welcome to CSI hope you are enjoying the challenges. And don't worry I only started blogging late 2010 at first I was a little slow keeping it up to date now Iam a little better at it...lol Look forward to seeing more of your lovely layouts in the gallery.

    1. Hi Fi! Thanks so much for stoping by at my blog!! this is the very first comment I get from here and it was the very first time I just managed to post the pictures without having the time to write anything about it.
      Last week was chaotic and I failed to work on case 6 :(
      I´ll try and catch up this week and do both cases together. I really love the colors in case 7!
      Thanks a lot for your support!!
      Talk to you soon!


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